Love of East Coast apparel leads Enfield man to become his own boss

Matt Hall of Enfield is the owner of Eastern Evolution Apparel. (Healey photo)

ENFIELD: Sweatshirts are a hot commodity and one Enfield business which has just opened is finding that out relatively quickly.

Eastern Evolution Apparel is the brainchild of Matt Hall, an Enfield entrepreneur which just recently officially launched after months of work behind the scenes. He credits COVID19 with giving him the extra push to go ahead with the venture.

“Honestly, it came about because I was bored in quarantine,” Hall said with a chuckle outside Enfield Volunteer Fire Department as the sunset on a Saturday night, Sept. 19. “I’ve always loved clothes and all that stuff.

“I’ve always been inspired by East Coast inspired apparel, so me and my brother got talking. I got thinking about it and my own idea, and that’s how we started.”

Now, with it launched some of its colours of apparel it sells are already running low, a good sign that people enjoy what the company is selling.

He said Eastern Evolution Apparel wasn’t his first choice for a business name.

“I went through a bunch of names first that I liked, but it’s what I finally determined best suited my idea,” said Hall. “I came up with it because I wanted something that was kind of smaller, have more people show it off, and the word Evolution means starting small and growing something to be bigger and more complex.”

To check out all the various items that Hall and his company have available for sale, please checkout his website at: You can also find them on Instagram by searching for the company name; and on Facebook at: