McDonald Sports Park logo. (FB photo)

WAVERLEY: The volunteer-run McDonald Sports Park is making its users aware of an incident that recently is said to have occurred at the Waverley park.

On its Facebook page, McDonald Sports Park said there was a report to them from a park user of a man hiding in the woods and startling them while they were running in the park.

The incident was reported to RCMP who patrolled the area with no findings.

The Waverley Amateur Athletic Association (WAAA) committee would like to send out an important reminder to all trail users whether it be in the McDonald Sports Park or other wilderness trails:

As the McDonald Sports Park covers a large expanse of forested area, they recommend park visitors use caution while on the trails.

– Please consider enjoying our facilities in the company of others

– Let a friend or family member know about your intended plan

– Carry a cellphone

– Use an activity tracker safety beacon, such as the Strava App on a smart phone