FALL RIVER: A soon-to-be retired RCMP officer who calls Fall River home with his family is already eyeing a new career path.

Dan McNaughton told The Laker on Jan. 10 that his intentions, upon retirement from the police force on Feb. 17, is to seek the PC Party of Nova Scotia nomination for Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank. A nomination meeting would need to be held for him to become the candidate, and there is talk of one or two others who would also like to seek the seat.

Dan McNaughton wants to represent the residents of Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank with the PC Party in the next provincial election. (Healey photo)

McNaughton has worked as an RCMP officer for 35 years. His wife, Sandra is also an RCMP officer, while their two children attend Georges P. Vanier Junior High and Ash Lee Jefferson Schools.

“I’ve been in conversation with members of the party and let my intentions be known to them,” he said. “They’re very supportive of that.

“Having been in public service with the RCMP for the past 35 years, it’s a natural transition to want to continue in some forms of public service. I see one of the greatest ways that I can contribute to this community is through strong and effective representation for residents.”

He joined the RCMP in 1982, and was stationed in Alberta until 2008. He was a general duty police officer; did some traffic services; major crimes for five years investigating serious persons incidents up to and including homicides; has worked in an undercover capacity across Canada; a detachment commander at three different detachments.

McNaughton does have some connection to working with the federal, provincial, and municipal levels of government from his time when he was the representative for members in the RCMP non-union labour model (the Staff Relations Program). He was elected by members of the RCMP in N.S. to advocate on their behalf in all areas of their relationship with their employer, the Government of Canada. He did that for five years.

He was then elected by the members in the Staff Relations Program to be the national chairman of the Internal Affairs Committee, and was eventually appointed to the national executive. During that time he worked with the RCMP and the federal government to bring forward Bill C-42 which is an Act of Parliament to modernize the RCMP Act.

“For my efforts for working on that, I was awarded the Commissioners Award of Merit,” he said. “It was a very gratifying award. To be recognized by the organization is very flattering. It validated the work that I did for members of the RCMP.”

Until his retirement—and for the past year or so— McNaughton is managing several federal policing programs.

McNaughton, who was born and raised in the area, is looking to give back to the community. He coaches baseball, hockey, and has been the auctioneer for the a local school fundraiser. He also does an annual Santa Claus run through Saint Andrews Village.

“This is my home. It’s always been my intent to come back,” he said. “I came back in 2008 for family reasons and immediately settled back into the community that I grew up in.

“I see an opportunity to continue in public service and make this community better.”

He wants to hear from residents about their concerns and issues, and is hoping to have a platform for the nomination built around those and released in the very near future.