FALL RIVER: Darrell Samson is clearing up some confusion in the community about the federal government’s support of bringing city water into Fall River.

Some reports circulating indicated that the project consisted of bringing it down Fall River Road from Windsor Junction, and all the way down Highway 2 to past Inn on the Lake. There was even mention of this as being done in a two-phase project by HRM staff to District 1 councillor Steve Streatch; however that is not the case.

Samson, the Liberal MP for Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook, said in an interview with The Laker on Jan. 10 that the $4 million in federal funding is to only bring the water down Fall River Road, and down Lockview Road to connect with Lockview High, to Highway 2/Sobeys.

“I was not only happy to see the announce of the Fall River water project, but also the Prime Minister coming to Bridgetown to make the announcement and in his speech, because there were many projects across the country and in N.S. that were going to move forward but were not listed on his speech sheet, but Fall River was,” said Samson. “That indicates the importance of the project to our government in fulfilling that request that has been on the books for a long time.”

He said based on the information that was submitted from HRM to the province as a priority was bringing city water from Windsor Junction Road to the Sobeys/Highway 2.

“That was also the request sent from the provincial government, probably because they look at all the recommendations from all municipalities and they look at where they feel is a priority,” said Samson. “The request coming from HRM was exactly that. That’s what the province submitted. That’s what was submitted to Ottawa, and Ottawa approved the request.”

Samson said anything further—like bringing the water down Highway 2 towards Inn on the Lake—would need to be applied for. He said then Councillor Barry Dalrymple did bring forward a motion at HRM council to extend it to Inn on the Lake, which Samson said “would be a very valuable addition to our project.”

“My understanding is that there has been no official approval of that at the municipal level, therefore nothing has been discussed at the provincial level, therefore nothing will be discussed at the federal level,” he said.

He said the confusion of how far the project would reach was understandable.

“The work has started, that’s positive,” he said. “We need to finish it up by 2018, and everything is indicating that we will fulfill that objective. I’m extremely happy about the project.”