McPherson Road residents water info session March 11


FALL RIVER: The Miller Lake Road and McPherson Road water systems will be connected to the newly installed water line in Fall River.

Both of these projects, which have gone to tender recently, are Halifax Water projects. Miller Lake Road was just recently posted on the N.S. tender website.

Councillor Steve Streatch said that currently both the systems are small and relatively inefficient, and the one on Miller Lake Road has arsenic present in samples.

“The ability to have these two smaller systems connect to the new supply will enhance public safety and water quality for even more local residents,” said Streatch.

He added that as time goes by, and new areas and subdivisions are identified for expansion and connection, public meetings will be scheduled to communicate and advise residents affected.

James Campbell, with Halifax Water, said the public meeting for McPherson Road project, set for March 11 at Georges P. Vanier Junior High, is for only those properties impacted.

“This is not a community wide information session,” Campbell said. “It is only for the properties that are part of the private, Nova Scotia Environment regulated, McPherson community water supply that currently draws water from Lake Thomas. Letters were delivered directly to the relevant properties.”

He said if a resident is not part of the McPherson community water supply that currently draws water from Lake Thomas, there is no need or value in them attending.