Minister provides brief update on Hyde’s Bridge project

Minister Kim Masland (Healey photo)

MILLER LAKE: The Minister of Public Works has some good news for residents of Lantz/Dutch Settlement.

After launching the province’s winter preparedness campaign Nov. 18 at the Department of Public Works in Miller Lake, The Laker News spoke briefly with Minister Kim Masland asking her about the status of Hyde’s Bridge in Lantz.

It has been out of service for several years basically dividing the community that runs along the East Hants/HRM border.

In a previous interview earlier this year Masland had said it would be open by the end of 2022, however as summer hit it became clear that possibility wasn’t going to pan out due to rising costs in the construction industry.


Masland provided an update on where replacing Hyde’s Bridge stands after the announcement in Miller Lake.

“The bridge will be replaced this upcoming season,” said Masland.

She said the bridge work is going back out to tender in the next month or two months.

“The construction is set to take place this coming construction season beginning in the Spring,” she said. “The goal is having Hyde’s Bridge open to residents to use by the summer.”

Asked to explain why it’s taking so long to get it replaced, Masland said it came to down to a few things.

“I think it was some structural that we were looking for and industry capacity,” said Masland.