MAIN PHOTO: LWF Ratepayers Association chair Jay Cameron presents a cheque to Grand Lake ice rink organizer Stephen Kamperman as the rink is built behind them. Also pictured, two volunteers helping build the rink. (Healey photo)

GRAND LAKE: A field of dreams, but only for those who love to skate and play hockey, is taking shape in Grand Lake-Oakfield.

A temporary rink is being built and constructed on the infield of the Grand Lake-Oakfield ballfield to give residents and those throughout the Fall River and surrounding communities a place to lace up their skates and get some skating in, and maybe even a little shinny.

The rink project is being led by Stephen Kamperman, a staunch community member and volunteer, He said the outdoor rink will be for all those from Waverley to Enfield and has received a lot of community support.

“As a start, it’s a decent size at 60 by 60,” said Kamperman during a recent interview. “Hopefully, we can expand it in the years to come, but this is where we’re going to start.”

The rink project has received support from the LWF (Lakeview-Windsor Junction-Fall River) Ratepayers Association in the form of $4,000, and from Councillor Cathy Deagle Gammon who provided $2,000 from her District capital account towards the project.

District 1 Councillor Cathy Deagle Gammon and her puppy Charlie presents a cheque from her District Capital account to Grand Lake rink organizer Stephen Kamperman recently. (Healey photo)

Kamperman said they hope to get up and running the outdoor rink as soon as we get steady below minus temperatures that will allow the ice to be made.

He spoke of the community support from residents and businesses alike.

“It’s great lots of businesses, lots of families donating with excitement,” he said. “We have a few vendors that are going to come out on nightly vendor.”

The support from the LWFRA allows the ice rink size to be doubled, said Kamperman.

“The rinks are actually pretty expensive, so with their support we can now fit more people spaced out due to COVID-19,” he said.

“Lots of kids use the field for baseball from down Fall River and Waverley, so hopefully a lot of them will come down to Grand Lake to use it for the winter.

Cameron spoke about the LWFRA decision to donate towards the rink.

“We are happy to support a project such as this that seeks to tie all of our communities together in classic Canadian fashion out on the ice,” said Cameron.

“The rink itself sits just outside the catchment, but we are as a group empowered to support things that will enhance the recreational experiences for our ratepayers, wherever that is.”

He said the investment opens the door for LWFRA residents to come out to Grand Lake and skate with their neighbours.

“We also see this as investment in understanding how one of these would work, with the idea that in the future you may see a rink pop-up within the catchment based upon the experience this past winter,” said Cameron. “We’re happy to support this. I hope we see everybody out on the ice.”