PHOTOS: Canada Day block party held in Fall River neighbourhood

A little girls splashes into a pool of water in the slip n slide event.

FALL RIVER: A group of neighbours came together to throw the Inaugural Martyn Drive Block Party on a sunny Canada Day in Fall River Village.

The residents organized the event and obtained the necessary paperwork, including permits to have the bottom end of Martyn Drive, closed to thru traffic for the event.

Residents wanted to hold the event as a way to get to know their neighbours after almost two plus years of not being able to have much interaction due to the pandemic.

There was games and activities for everyone, including a Bouncy castle, facepainting, table tennis, and various other games to be played.

Some of the games were said to have been ones that have been held at Keloose years ago.

Station 41 Waverley made an appearance with their firetruck on their way back from the Lakeview parade for Canada Day, and that had several young kids in their glory.

VIDEO: Kids vs parents water balloon fight

To cap the event off, there was a parents vs kids water balloon fight, and by this time firefighters from Station 45 Fall River had arrived, and after some fun provoking they got in on the action spraying water with what looked like a mini water shooter (used for brush fires maybe?) at the adults and kids, to much laughter and fun smiles on all involved.

All in all, the day seemed to be a hit and those who organized it are already thinking about what to do for next eyar.

HRM Councillor Cathy Deagle Gammon her pet dog Charlie, who several kids adored and took for a short walk from what we saw, and husband Percy were in attendance and enjoyed the event.

A little girls splashes into a pool of water in the slip n slide event.