MILFORD: Firefighters from across East Hants and Colchester County took time away from their families to spend a few hours doing some water shuttle training in Milford on April 10.

Hosted by Milford fire, departments from Cobequid; Rawdon; Kennetcook; Maitland; Elmsdale; Enfield; Shubenacadie; Lantz; Gore; and Noel participated in the four plus hours of training.

COVID19 protocols were in place with firefighters and those attending the sites filling out a registration form for contact tracing purposes.

The training took place at Milford Fire Hall and at Hants East Rural High.

By all accounts, and from the looks of some of the photos below, it was a day well spent training and working with each other which can only help keep the community safe when it comes to the real

Here are photos snapped by Pat Healey, who was invited up on Saturday: