Donkey (Emma Cobanli) shows her excitement as Shrek (Colin Durand) talks with Princess Fiona (Aine Killeen) during Shrek the Musical at Lockview High on April 15. In the part Donkey is hopeful Shrek tells Fiona is true feelings for her, but alas all he did was ask if she was going to finish the snack. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: Students at Lockview High broke a leg as they performed an outstanding rendition of Shrek The Musical from April 15-18, before sell out crowds for three of their four shows.

LHS teachers Dina Burtt (band); Erik Bauckman; and Vanessa Turner headed up the music and production of the musical.

Humpty Dumpty (Lauren de Freitas) had a lot of fun being pushed around by Shrek and the guards during her time on stage in Shrek: The Musical, which led to laughter and giggles in the crowd especially on finale night April 18. (Healey photo)
Shrek (Colin Durand) stares down Donkey (Emma Cobanli) during the musical. (Healey photo)

The cast and crew had been practicing and building the sets required for a few months, making the long hours well worth it with their crowd-pleasing performances.

Reporter Pat Healey was there on opening night and snapped as many photos as he would on a busy weekend of assignments. He pared the photos down to these ones, whioch can be found by checking out our Photo Gallery by clicking the link.

A young Princess Fiona, played by the talented Emily Wyatt. (Healey photo)