PHOTOS: Making cars sparkle for Camp Courage at Station 45

Station 45 career firefighter Sam Fleckney was one of the career staff to lend a helpoing hand at the Camp Courage carw ahs fundraiser on May 11. The event raised $1,500, and took place at Station 45 in Fall River. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: Volunteer and career firefighters from Station 45 in Fall River teamed up with some women participants with Camp Courage for a car wash on May 11, raising more than $1,500 for the all-women first responders school.

The event ran for about four hours and had a steady stream of vehicles coming in to get sparkling clean, including those from HRM Fire and Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.).

Amelia McInnis gets in on the action at the Station 45 Fall River car wash, held May 11 in support of Camp Courage. (Healey photo)

There were about a dozen participants from Camp Courage who were helping spray and clean all the dirt off the vehicles that paid a donation to have their car washed.

Andrea Speranza, who oversees Camp Courage, said the goal for the day was to raise around $2,000.

“We’re hear doing the car wash for our 2019 edition of the camp,” she said.

Camp Courage candidates at the car wash.

Camp Courage is an eight-day female mentoring program that brings together teens between the ages of 15 and 19.

She was blown away by the community support.

“It has been outstanding, what a great community Fall River and area is,” said Speranza. “They’ve done it several years for us. We’re really happy for the support from Station 45 and many other organizations.”

Two-and-a-half-year-old Charlie Baker gets some help from volunteer firefighter Scott Fraser to spray the water out the hose and onto his mom’s car to clean it off at the fundraiser in support of Camp Courage on May 11. The yearly event raised $1,500. (Healey photo)
A Camp Courage participant sprays down a vehicle. (Healey photo)
MP Darrell Samson is impressed at the job the firefighters did on getting his vehicle clean. (Healey photo)