Premier Houston statement on 25th anniversary of Swissair tragedy

The Swissair Flight 111 memorial. This is the 25th anniversary on Sept. 2. (Photo: Sean DeWitt HFX MDA)

The following is a statement issued by Premier Tim Houston on Swissair Flight 111’s 25th anniversary:

Late in the evening of September 2, 1998, Nova Scotians first learned of the tragic crash of Swissair Flight 111 in the waters off Peggys Cove. In a matter of minutes, the lives of all 229 passengers and crew, and their hopes and dreams for the future, were lost.

What followed was a testament to the compassion of Nova Scotians. Within minutes, local fish harvesters and boaters had taken to the water to begin the search for survivors, and in the days that followed, they were joined by one of the largest domestic military operations in Canadian history.

It included more than 2,400 Canadian Armed Forces members from the navy, army and air force, 450 RCMP officers and hundreds of Canadian Coast Guard personnel.


“This heroic effort was matched by the countless Nova Scotians who opened their homes and their hearts to the families and loved ones of the victims.

This weekend at the two memorial sites on St. Margarets Bay, people from across Canada and around the world will remember the Swissair tragedy on the 25th anniversary of the crash.

As we pause to reflect on the loss of so many bright lights, I want to extend the deepest sympathies of all Nova Scotians to the families and loved ones of the victims.


May their memory be a comfort at this difficult time, and please know that Nova Scotians hold you in their hearts.

To all those who helped in the days following the disaster at tremendous personal risk, and who may still struggle with the memories of what they encountered, you represent the very best of our province and country, and we are forever grateful for your service.

You showed the world that Nova Scotia is always ready to help in times of crisis.

-Premier Tim Houston