Province answers question on international rotational workers

FALL RIVER: The province says they deem workers who are travelling internationally because they cannot do their work virtually, as essential travel.

The answer comes after The Laker News was sent a question by a follower about international rotational workers. It came after the province announced changes for rotational workers outside NL and PEI coming to N.S.

While they have to get a test prior to entering Canada, they don’t fall under modified isolation unless their rotations are less than four weeks, said the questioner.

In an interview pertaining to the question asked to The Laker News by the soon-to-be international rotational worker, Marla MacInnis, media spokeswoman with the Department of Health and Wellness, answered.

“If their off time at home in Nova Scotia is more than four weeks, we do not consider them a rotational worker,” she said. “Just like other travelers, they must fully isolate for 14 days. Testing during their isolation is not required.”

MacInnis said if they are traveling for work that cannot be done virtually, the province considers this to be essential travel.

“That allows them to share bathroom with others in the household, as long as it is cleaned between uses,” said MacInnis. “They can have no other shared spaces in the home.”

In a previous announcement, from Premier Stephen McNeil and Dr. Robert Strang, they said beginning Jan. 15, testing was to become mandatory for rotational workers who work outside Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.