TIR provides updates on Lantz Interchange, Aerotech Connector

ELMSDALE:  The provincial Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR) answered some questions on several projects that The Laker News asked about last week.

TIR spokesman Steve Warburton was asked for updates on the Lantz Interchange and the work on the nearby Nine Mile River bridges; and the Aerotech Connector.

There had been light talk of naming the road to the Lantz Interchange in honour of the victims from April’s mass shooting.

“We understand that many people continue to look for ways to honour the victims of the April tragedy,” said Warburton. “We cannot comment further as this is a private road.”

 On the name Aerotech Drive appearing on maps online (such as the Maps app and Google Maps) already for a road that doesn’t yet exist, Warburton confirmed it will indeed be named Aerotech Drive.

The road is located on the maps where the actual Aerotech Connector in Wellington will be,

“When an existing road is continued, government’s policy is that the new road be given the same name,” he said.

Warburton said work on the Nine Mile River bridge on Highway 102, adjacent to the Elmsdale Shopping Mall, is on schedule.

“This bridge construction is also on budget,” he said. “The anticipated completion date is December 2021.”

On the Lantz Interchange itself, he also provided an update.

“As part of that project, work on construction of the interchange, including the connector roads and intersection, is scheduled to begin this June,” said Warburton.