Province invests in affordable housing in Lower Sackville

Housing fundinmg has been announced for projects in Lower Sackville. ( photo)

LOWER SACKVILLE: Almost $50 million of the $60 million in affordable housing funding coming to HRM will go to the Lower Sackville area, the MLA for Sackville-Cobequid said.

Steve Craig said that as a result of the groundbreaking investment from Tim Houston’s PC government, more Nova Scotians will gain access to affordable and barrier-free housing.

The provincial and federal government have unveiled an impressive $83 million commitment to construct 222 new public housing units in HRM, Kentville, Truro, Cape Breton, and Bridgewater; this new housing will serve more than 522 families in rural and urban communities.


Of the $60 million dollars invested in HRM, $48 million is earmarked for Lower Sackville.

This move represents an unprecedented effort to establish secure and affordable housing, a level of action unparalleled by recent Nova Scotia governments.

“Our PC government is once again demonstrating its commitment to creating solutions for Nova Scotians,” said Lower Sackville – Cobequid MLA Steve Craig in a release.

“An investment of more than 60 million dollars into the Halifax Regional Municipality including 48 million in Sackville will significantly increase the availability of affordable and accessible housing for more residents in our community.”


Tim Houston’s PC Team remains steadfast in its commitment to rapid housing development. Their strategy includes initiatives such as:

  •  Eliminating the HST on new housing construction.
  • Attracting more individuals to pursue careers in the trades through the More Opportunities for Skilled Trades (MOST) program.
  •  Accelerating the completion of major residential construction projects, despite vocal opposition from the NDP.

The government also announced the construction of 236 new rental units in March. More than half of those units will be rented at below 80% of local market average.

Craig said the Houston government has invested more than  $200 million  in affordable housing so far in 2022-23.