Premier Iain Rankin in this May 3 COVID19 briefing photo. (Communications N.S. Photo)

HALIFAX: Parents—and teachers—have been left wondering what the province is going to be doing for those with profound disabilities who can’t do online learning, especially with the extension of that until the end of May at the very least.

At the May 7 COVID-19 press briefing, Premier Iain Rankin passed off an answer to The Laker News’ question saying he would get it to the Minister of Education Derek Mombourquette for an answer.

“There needs to be an adaptation plan for those that require special supports,” said Rankin. “I don’t have the specifics in front of me. I’ll definitely get it to the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development.”

VIDEO from the COVID-19 briefing. The question was asked at the :55 second mark. Video edited by Dagley Media.

He said he wasn’t sure of the exact protocol and how it was being followed.

A short time after the briefing, Rankin’s Director of Communications Jane Taber sent the following to The Laker News.

“Educational assistants, child youth worker practitioners, and SchoolsPlus are reaching out to students with identified needs to see how they can be better supported,” Taber said in an email “In addition, some teachers – and we do have wonderful teachers here in the province – are reaching out to parents and students to ensure they are supported.

“As always, the department is continuing to look at what more and how it can support students with identified needs.

“This is such a tough time and so we thank parents for working with these staff and working hard to support their kids.”

A link for post-secondary, which might be helpful, was also included: