Resident credited with getting crosswalk flags installed near school

FLETCHERS LAKE: A local resident is being applauded and credited with ensuring the safety of children in the Holland Road area.

Councillor Cathy Deagle Gammon said resident Mike Tamblyn had concerns about school safety and the cross walk next to Holland Road School and how it should get solar crosswalk lights like the one at Coach Ave. on Hwy 2 in Fall River has.

“The resident got in touch with Crosswalk Safety,” said Deagle Gammon in a recent interview.

“HRM Traffic Services did an assessment really quickly to see if it met the requirements for the flags. It did.”

She said there were other concerns that Tamblyn had, including the traffic calming that was put in place on Holland Road. It was only partially done because they hadn’t got to do the data.

Norm Collins with Crosswalk Safety emailed Deagle Gammon about the costs to put crosswalk flags at the location. She didn’t hesitate to agree to pay for the installation of the crosswalk flags through her Capital District funds.

“I said I would pay for them and asked to get them up as fast as we can,” she said. “We wanted everybody to get used to using them. They were amazing and got it done really quickly.”

She praised Tamblyn for having a voice that got heard.

“He’s awesome,” said Deagle Gammon of Tamblyn taking the initiative. “The best solutions come from the community. People need to use their voice and use it loud, and he did, which is awesome. You get attention and you get solutions.

“I was very pleased to support him.”