From the Cruiser – Sept. 28 – Oct. 5

RCMP cruiser. (Healey photo)

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ENFIELD: East Hants RCMP responded to 100 calls for service between Sept. 28 and Oct. 5

In his weekly From the Cruiser police briefs, S/Sgt. Cory Bushell said the following calls were among highlights for the week.

On Oct. 1, the detachment received a complaint that a dog purchased on Kijiji was falsely advertised as a purebred breed when in fact it was not.

The victim paid $1,600 for the pet, taking the seller’s word on the authenticity of the breed. A vet later confirmed the dog was not as advertised.

The public is reminded to take great care when making private purchases through online marketplace platforms. Always verify your purchase prior to the transfer of funds. Seek a public area to conduct the deal.

When posting photos, be mindful of what is in the background of your photos, you may unintentionally be revealing the presence of other, valuable property which may be enticing to a would-be thief.

East Hants RCMP’s assistance was requested to attend the Maitland area on Oct. 2 to move along a bear, which wandered into a local yard.

A compost bin on the property was too tempting and drew the attention of the hungry bear.

The uninvited furry guest was gone prior to police arrival, but a few blips of the police siren was used to reinforce to the bear it was not welcome back.

Homeowners are encouraged to empty and clean green bins regularly and or store inside, if possible, to avoid attracting critters.

Officers with the Enfield detachment responded to a rear-end collision on Hwy. 102 near Elmsdale on Oct. 2. 

The driver of one vehicle was attempting to pass another vehicle when they rear ended an SUV. Conditions were dark at the time and the driver reported they did not see the tail lights of the vehicle to the front.

Police say the SUV had a bicycle wrapped in a tarp on a rack at the rear of the vehicle which may have obscured the taillights.

Drivers are reminded to always ensure their lights are in working order and visible at all times.

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