Samson wishes Brison the best

FALL RIVER: The Liberal MP for Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook had nothing but good words to say about Kings-Hants Liberal MP Scott Brison upon learning he would not be re-offering and resigning from his role as the Treasury Board.

Brison announced recently that after 22 years representing Kings-Hants—as both a Conservative when he first started before switching to the Liberals—he would be stepping away from politics. He said he is doing so to spend more time with his family, which includes two young girls.

Darrell Samson called Brison a friend who helped him learn the ropes of Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

“I think being a politician is not an easy career, it’s a seven day job,” he said. “You’re in Ottawa when Parliament is sitting, and you’re in the riding when you’re not, attending various events and meeting constituents.

“Scott has had 22 years, it’s quite amazing. He was in with two different party’s so we know he had a great relationship with his constituents.”

Samson said it’s evident the people of Kings-Hants voted for the person given that he got in as both a Conservative before crossing the floor and becoming a Liberal, and winning elections with them too.

He said it was time for Brison, with a young family, to focus on those back at home.

“A change is always good,” he said. “I think he will have a new challenge in the near future. I wish him the best.”