Supporters of new accessible bleachers at Lockview High recognized

The donors towards the new bleachers at Lockview that are accessible friendly. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: Supporters and donors towards the new bleachers got to have a close up look at them recently and see the donor wall installed to show their support.

Lockview High invited some of the donors, along with ACE Machining who created the donor wall, to the school on April 9 for an official unveiling and showcase of the new legacy bleachers, that are accessible.

Kelly MacLeod, principal at LHS, said the seats are made from durable plastic as opposed to wood and when closed the Lockview school logo will be prominently displayed.

“The donor wall is absolutely gorgeous,” she said.

The new bleachers, which cost more than $110,000 feature six tier telescopic seating, with accessible seating a priority and built in. They were installed last July 2023.


Speaking about the bleachers, she said at each end they pull out allowing space for wheelchair users to be able to fit in.

“When folks with accessibility issues come they don’t have to sit apart they can sit with the bleachers, as a wheelchair slides in,” said MacLeod.

It just takes a flip of a switch on a button for the bleachers to retract and come out.

“They make the gym look really nice,” she said.

Outside the gymnasium on the wall to the right as one walks by towards the bathrooms, the donor wall is now installed listing all the local businesses and individuals who contributed to make the bleacher project a reality.

The donor wall. (Healey photo)


Among those recognized are members of the 2023 Lockview High girls volleyball team who donated towards the bleacher project, as well as MLA and Advanced Education Minister Brian Wong who was a key help in the school finding about funding that was available for them.

MacLeod spoke a bit about that funding and how it helped.

“Brian Wong gave us the heads up on a grant that we could apply for, and we did,” said MacLeod. “We were successful at it and received $36,000 from it for the bleachers.”

She said the school has also provided $67,000 towards the project.


The LHS Bleacher project donor wall made by ACE Machining. Two reps from the company are pictured. (Healey photo)

MacLeod said the rest of the money came from donors, like Fall River Sobeys who gave $3,000. Others gave $1,000, and they were on hand at this event.

“It really did help because it was a stressful time last spring, when we felt morally we couldn’t keep fundraising after the floods happened,” said MacLeod.

She said when the floods happened last Spring that halted their fundraising push as their focus shifted to helping the Red Cross.

The donor wall has gold, silver, and bronze sponsors listed. It was made by ACE Machinists, who had reps at the small event recognizing the donors.

“It’s really important and special and will be there for a long time,” she said.

There was coffee and donuts for all to enjoy after the brief event, provided from Apartment 3 café in Lower Sackville.