UPDATED: RCMP confirm vehicle in suspicious incident was unmarked police vehicle

(File photo)

BEAVER BANK: Halifax District RCMP have confirmed a suspicious incident near the Hwy 101 exit ramp onto Beaver Bank Road in Lower Sackville on Feb. 9 being posted about on local community Facebook groups is legitimate.

“We can confirm that at 6:44 p.m. yesterday evening, Halifax District RCMP received a report of a suspicious vehicle that had been travelling on Hwy. 101 and exited the highway onto Beaver Bank Road,” said Cpl. Chris Marshall.

He said the vehicle was described as a black Hyundai Elantra and the complainant reported that the vehicle had been following her from Hwy. 101 onto the exit ramp before it activated flashing lights and a siren.

“The Elantra then drove around the complainant and continued straight through a red light continuing on Beaver Bank Road,” said Cpl. Marshall.

Since being contacted by the caller, police contineud to investigate the matter, said Cpl. Marshall.

Halifax District RCMP has confirmed that the vehicle is an unmarked police vehicle that was being driven by an RCMP officer with the RCMP/HRP Criminal Investigation Division.

“The officer was working on the evening of February 9 and was responding to a situation in Lower Sackville where other members of their unit required immediate assistance,” said Cpl. Marshall.