Vibe, team atmosphere attracts Konigshofer to U of Memphis

Julia Konigshofer of Waverley. (Athletics N.S.)

WAVERLEY: A dream is about to come true for a Waverley athlete better known for her baseball pitching skills then her track and field success.

Julia Konigshofer, a Lockview High student, announced recently that she has committed to the University of Memphis, a Division 1 NCAA school in javelin for their track and field team.

The young woman’s success in the sport came to the forefront in recent months as she won gold at the Legion track and field nationals.

Konigshofer, who will be studying exercise science with the aim to become a physiotherapist, said she feels honoured to be joining the team. She plans to do her graduate work back here in Canada.

“I feel proud to represent such an amazing track program,” she said. “I’m excited for the opportunity and to start my journey as a Memphis Tiger.”

She began throwing javelin in Grade 8, but because of the pandemic and restrictions that followed she missed a couple competitive seasons of it.

“This past year I got back into it in a big way with both high school and club meets,’ said Konigshofer, who joined the Truro Lions track program and began working with Coach Iain LaPointe. “I was making some big gains and was starting to be noticed.

“I’ve always been known for my baseball achievements and once I realized how much I loved track I researched throwing programs, and I haven’t looked back.”

Konigshofer said she started the recruiting process for track and field in Universities in May of this year. She signed her commitment papers to the University of Memphis in September. She had been in contact with numerous schools in the U.S.

“However Memphis’s track program was the one that appealed to me most,” she said.

Konigshofer and her dad visited their campus and training facilities this summer and knew that was where she wanted to be.

She said she did consider going to university locally, however javelin isn’t among the sports in Canada at CIS schools.

Konigshofer said it’s been her dream since Grade 8 to attend post-secondary schooling south of the border.

“I wanted an adventure and to experience a new destination while pursuing my schooling,” she said. “What drew me to the University of Memphis was the vibe and the atmosphere of the track team coaches and campus.

“When I was there and when I talk to my coaches, I could really picture myself there.”