PHOTOS: Lockview girls dominate at Icebreaker rugby tournament

Charlotte Hilton was fleet a foot as she races to the end zone during the Icebreaker for Lockview High. (Healey photo)

DARTMOUTH: It was damp and cold, but that didn’t stop the hard hittinga ction and celebrating try’s for the rugby teams at the Icebreaker tournament on the weekend.

Hosted by Lockview High, the tournament took place at the Harbour East all-weather field next to the RBC Centre in Dartmouth.

The Dragons boys and girls teams along with the Hants East Rural High boys and girls rugby teams were the local squads from the communities the Laker News covers that took aprt.

A CEC game we caught through the fog before the LHS girls game in the morning on Saturday. (Healey photo)


The Lockview High girls dominated in their games, winning all three.

The boys Dragons won two and lost one, but learned a lot to put into league play.

HERH girls and boys also had lots of experiences taken from their games that they will continue to put forth as they also head back into league play.

Photos in succession showing as a LHS Lady Dragin carries the ball, an attempt to bring her down happens but she sneaks away and scores. (Healey photos)
It was hard hitting action in the boys games. (Healey photo)
(Healey photo)


(Healey photo)
A Lockview player breaks free of some defenders and races up the field. (Healey photo)


The push is on for the try line. (Healey photo)
Macey sees through this defender as the score line is right there for Lockview to go up big. (Healey photo)
A bear hug to stop Macey from scoring for LHS won’t stop the speedster who powered through it. (Healey photo)