Village Green skating rink reopens after hard work from volunteers

The ice skating rink at the Village Green in Waverley. (Submitted photo)

WAVERLEY: The ice skating rink at the Waverley Village Green is back open.

After the recent snowstorm closed it due to the amount of snow, and then mild weather making the ice surface not useable, volunteers went to work to get things cleared up.

With colder weather, and the efforts of the volunteers, the ice skating rink is now back open.


The news of the rink opening back up was posted Feb. 21 on the Waverley Village Green’s Facebook page.

“Through the hard work of our amazing and dedicated rink crew, the rink is ready to skate on again,” the post read.

“We’re so thankful for their tenacity and skills.”


The post ended with a message to the community, and those going to use the rink.

“Please make sure you’re wearing your helmet and remember to share the ice,” said the post.

“Also, please be nice to the ice.”