Wellington hall receives HRM grant funding for upcoming renovations

The Wellington/Fletchers Lake Station House Society is working at upgrading their facility to be more modern for the community. (Healey photos)

WELLINGTON: The work to upgrade and make improvements to the Wellington/Fletchers Lake Station House is continuing.

Volunteers with the non-profit community hall, which also houses Station 42 Wellington fire department, have been busy renovating and fixing the roof and adding a new patio at the side.

Shortly, thanks to a cheque for $10,000 from HRM, they will be doing work on the front side of the hall. Councillor Steve Streatch presented the cheque to the group recently.

“We’ve been renovating the hall to make it look better in the community, and make it more modern,” said Steven Hobson, president of the Wellington/Fletchers Lake Station House Society. “This money will be used now to do the front of the hall.

“We’ve done the backside and put a patio on last year. Now it’s time to do the front so it will look nice from those travelling on Hwy 2.”

The Wellington/Fletchers Lake Station volunteer board was presenetd with a HRM Grant cheque recently by Councillor Steve Streatch. (Healey photo)

He said the work has been ongoing for approximately two or three years outside and inside, including the work on the kitchen facilities.

Hobson spoke about the impact of COVID19 on the operation of the non-profit facility.

“We had great business going up until February and we closed from March to middle of June because of COVID19,” he said. “We reopened in middle of June and it’s been seven weeks, and we’re struggling along but being community-based we’re trying to get the community to come to us.

“We’re hoping to use the kitchen to draw the community out to us a bit more. Hopefully, we’ll start to grow back to the way we had it in the new COVID19 world we’re going to be in.”

He said the support from HRM is welcomed.

“Being non-profit, our monies for earnings were low, but without the grants it would be very hard for non-profits like us to do these renovations jobs,” Hobson said. “Even so we have to do our own labour to do the job and the grant money helps us get the materials.”