The Lucasville Road bridge. (HRM photo)

LUCASVILLE: The Lucasville Bridge will begin receiving repairs and upgrade work starting this month, the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) has announced.

As part of the municipality’s 2024/25 Capital Plan the Lucasville Road bridge will undergo repair and upgrades starting April 2024 through January 2025.

This work is necessary to ensure continued use of the bridge and modernization of some features in alignment with current construction standards. 


In addition to concrete repairs, the planned work includes:

installing new barriers and a wider sidewalk to improve pedestrian use;

removal of the expansion joints to reduce future maintenance; and,

repaving of Lucasville Road on the bridge and bridge approaches.

Current status

Starting early April, contractors will begin pre-construction set-up which may result in minor traffic impacts.


Construction is expected to begin mid-April 2024 through mid-January 2025.

Although the bridge will not be closed during this period, construction will require reducing the bridge to one line throughout construction.

Crossing the bridge will be facilitated through signal lights operating 24 hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week throughout the construction period.