YMCA, FRCC reach agreement on transfer of operations

FALL RIVER: After months of uncertainty and the possibility of closing its doors for good, there is some good news for Fall River Childcare Centre (FRCC).

The childcare centre will close down Nov. 4 as Fall River Childcare Centre, but it will reopen Nov. 7 under the YMCA banner.

Barb MacLean, spokeswoman with the Department of Education and Early Childhood, explained how it all came about.

“Fall River Childcare Centre reached out to the department and expressed interest in transferring their operations to a not-for-profit business model,” said MacLean in a statement to The Laker News.

She continued with the explanation further.

“The YMCA of Greater Halifax and Fall River Childcare Centre have worked together to come to an agreement to support this transition and ensure continued operations for families at the centre,” said MacLean.

MacLean said this was ultimately an operational decision made by the provider.

“The YMCA are planning to transition operations on November 7, and there will be no interruption to service for families at the centre,” said MacLean.

Molly Young, one of the co-owners with Fall River Childcare Centre, spoke on behalf of those with FRCC.

She said the end result is one they were looking for, for the families of the children in their care.

“We are really glad it’s worked out this way for the staff and the families,” said Young on Nov. 2.

The YMCA will re-open FRCC at its current location in the Good Day Café building on Fall River Road.