Young boy raises more than $1,000 for Caring & Sharing Angel Tree

Mirsad Sabic presents his money to the Caring & Sharing Angel Tree Food Bank. (Submitted photo)

ENFIELD: A young East Hants boy was like Santa to the volunteers at the Caring & Sharing Angel Tree Food Bank.

Recently, Mirsad Sabic presented a total of $1,018.95 to volunteers with the food bank. He began his Christmas fund raising efforts back in 2018 at age nine with a contribution of $167.40 and then raised $330.75 in 2019.

In 2020 his fund raising and working efforts were hampered by Covid-19.

“I set out with a goal this year to double my previous total,” said Sabic in an interview with The Laker News. “A lot of people need help from the food bank, and no one should go without especially at Christmas time.”

Sabic works at his grandfathers recycling depot in Elmsdale on the weekends. He gives some of the money he earns from his working, along with the donations of bottles, monetary donations, and non-perishables from local businesses, community members, friends, family.

“Even my younger brother contributed a portion of his allowance to my fundraiser,” said Sabic. “It means a lot to me to help those in need out. The impact I make is seen in the joy the food and toys they get brings.”

Paula King, president of the Caring & Sharing Angel Tree Food Bank, said while they appreciate all donations, when a young child does it warms their hearts even more.

“When a child makes the effort our hearts swell with happiness,” said King in an e-mail. “It is so rewarding to see the new generation caring about others and following through by helping others.

“Mirsad works extremely hard to earn this money, it is not just given to him. He is a great young man who will no doubt contribute to his community throughout his life.”

So how can Mirsad top this years total raised? He is already thinking about it.

“The wheels are already turning for next year, I want to set the bar even higher for 2022,” he said.