Young Drivers of Canada announces new online winter driving course

TORONTO, ONT.: Young Drivers of Canada, the leading provider of driver education and training across Canada, is excited to announce its latest offering, “Adverse Conditions: Driving in Winter” online winter driving course.

This comprehensive course is designed to equip drivers of all ages with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate the challenges of winter road conditions safely.

As winter approaches, Canadians and North Americans are again preparing for icy roads, snow- covered streets, and treacherous driving conditions.

Young Drivers of Canada ( recognizes the importance of proper winter driving education, and their newly introduced online course is aimed at reducing collisions and improving road safety during the winter months.


The winter driving online course is a 100% online program, making it accessible to a wide range of drivers across Canada, North America and Worldwide, where drivers experience winter driving conditions.

The course covers a wide range of topics essential for safe winter driving, including:

  1. Understanding Winter Road Conditions: Drivers will learn the essential skills and techniques for navigating slippery and hazardous road conditions.
  2. Emergency Response Skills: The course guides handling emergencies, such as skids, spins and recovery techniques.
  3. Braking Techniques: Drivers will learn the importance of anti-lock braking systems, threshold braking and other techniques to help maintain control while stopping in adverse winter conditions.
  4. Understanding Advanced Vehicle Driving Aids: The online course will explain how these systems work and how drivers can utilize these systems effectively for better control in slippery conditions.
  5. Proper Driver and Vehicle Preparation: Participants will learn essential aspects of their and their vehicle preparation for winter that are critical for safe winter driving.

  7. One of the key advantages of the Adverse Conditions: Driving in Winter online course is its flexibility.
  8. Drivers can access the course at their own pace, allowing them to fit it into their busy schedules:
    “With our new online Winter Driving course “Adverse Conditions: Driving in Winter”, we aim to empower all drivers with the knowledge they need to improve their skills when they need to tackle winter driving conditions confidently,” said Maria Bagdonas, Operations Manager of Young Drivers of Canada.
  9. “Canadian winters are our driver training proving ground and our
    mission has always been to create safer and more responsible drivers. This course is an essential addition to our driver training lineup.”

Young Drivers of Canada’s commitment to road safety is well known across Canada, and this course demonstrates dedication to equipping drivers with the tools they need to stay safe.

This online winter driving course is open to drivers of all ages, but it’s particularly beneficial for those drivers who may not have been exposed to winter driving, those drivers who need a refresher when it comes to driving in winter conditions and drivers who are anxious when faced with driving in adverse conditions.

By taking this course, all drivers can reduce their risk of collisions, protect themselves and their passengers, and ultimately become more confident when facing the driving challenges of the winter season.

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