Aerotech Connector may face delays


More information for EA required before Minister can make decision

WELLINGTON: The construction of the Aerotech Connector in Wellington could be delayed up to a year-plus.

In his recent decision on its Environmental Assessment, Nova Scotia Environment Minister Gordon Wilson said the Registration Document provided is insufficient to allow him to make a decision.

“I require additional information,” said Wilson in his decision, dated Oct. 30 on the TIR website. “Specifically, the review determined that the following additional information is required in order to evaluate potential environmental effects that may be caused by the undertaking.”

Among the information Wilson is looking for includes: additional information on the alternative road routes as reported in the EA registration document (section 1.5 – Alternatives to the Project); additional information on surface water resources for the preferred road alignment as presented in the EA registration document; provide clarification surrounding the potential impacts to local drainage and watercourses associated with the proposed works: and provide a comprehensive plan to protect public and community private drinking water supplies including mitigative options to address potential impacts associated within the Collin’s Park drinking water supply watershed area.

Marla MacInnis, spokeswoman with N.S. Transportation, confirmed that more information was required.

“They (NSE) has asked for additional information to assess the potential impacts and proposed mitigations for the Aerotech Connector project,” said MacInnis in an email response to The Laker. “We are reviewing the Ministers’ decision now and will soon meet with the department to better understand their expectations ahead of preparing a response.”

She wasn’t sure what the impact on the construction timeline for the much needed highway interchange would be.

“The construction timeline is dependent on Environmental Assessment approval,” said MacInnis. “It is too early to say what the impact to the schedule will be.”