Work on Hyde's Bridge will begin once the contract is awarded. It's expected to be open by late Fall 2023. (Submitted photo)

LANTZ: A provincial spokesperson is giving residents of Lantz a possible date that a much used bridge will be back open.

In a response to The Laker News for an update on Hyde’s Bridge and it’s construction, Department of Public Works spokeswoman Deborah Bayer said later in 2023 residents should be able to use it .

“The project is expected to be complete and open late Fall 2023,” said Bayer.

Hyde’s Bridge in Lantz remains closed to all traffic. (Submitted photo)


The Laker News inquired after reading some comments from people after the bids from the tender were posted upon them closing. Four companies put in bids for the project.

Bayer said the province is replacing Hyde’s Bridge, which was a one-lane wooded bridge, with a two-lane regular type of bridge.

It was originally tendered and canceled in 2022 due to industry capacity and cost.

“The bridge was re-tendered and remains closed,” she said.


The link to the tender of the bridge project is at:

“Once the contract is awarded, we will have project details including when work will begin,” said Bayer responding to our question on when residents could expect work to start.