FALL RIVER: A buildup of creosote is the cause of a chimney fire on Jan. 3 that sent firefighters to a residence on Robinson Drive in Fall River Village.

HRM spokesman Brendan Elliott said that 27 firefighters from Station 9 (Metropolitan Sackville); Station 10 (Sackville Drive); Station 41 (Waverley); Station 45 (Fall River); Station 42 (Wellington); and Station 43 (Grand Lake) responded to the call at 91 Robinson Drive, which came in at 6:27 p.m.

Upon arrival, there was light smoke and fire had extended into the attic.

“The scene was very icy for our firefighters,” said Elliott.

VIDEO: Firefighters on scene at the call

A firefighter pushes the air tanks to be refilled in TAC 45 at the chimney fire call on Jan. 3. (Healey photo)

Firefighters were spotted placing salt down on the driveway and a contractor drove by the scene laying salt on the roadway to make it safe for fire crews.

Elliott said the homeowners were home at the time of the fire, however managed to get out uninjured. The family was outside as firefighters were arriving.

He said the house sustained serious damage.

“The in-law suite was a total loss,” said Elliott, unsure of the exact dollar figure.

VIDEO: Tanker switch at the chimney fire

He said fire investigators told him that the area of origin was the chimney, near the clean out.

“In light of this fire we will be launching an awareness campaign shortly focused on the need to have your chimney cleaned on a regular basis,” said Elliott.

Another rotation of firefighters takes place at the chimney fire call on Jan. 3 in Fall River. (Healey photo)