Elmsdale’s Ellis wants to be Tory voice for Halifax-Needham

Scott Ellis, who was born and raised in Elmsdale, hopes to be the next MLA for Halifax-Needham as a Tory. (Healey photo)

ELMSDALE: Scott Ellis really didn’t want to get into politics. However, after some conversations with friends and his colleagues he decided to bite the bullet and do it.

Now, the Elmsdale native who now calls Halifax-Needham home is ready to represent those in that area as their next MLA with the PC Party of N.S. if chosen by the voters. Halifax-Needham has been predominantly NDP turf.

“It was something they encouraged me to do and that I’d be great with it,” said Ellis during a recent interview in Fall River. “I just went with it and seen which party I would most align with and that ended up being with Tim Houston and the PC’s.”

He said the PC Party’s universal mental health care plan was the big seller for him in becoming a Tory candidate.

“That was probably the biggest reason for me, but I just wanted to bring change as an individual,” said Ellis. “Everything I do every single day I do it because I honestly believe the world can be a better place.

“I have a vision what the world can be, and I work hard every single day to make sure that vision can come true.”

Ellis grew up in Elmsdale all of his life and only in the last few years did he move into Halifax-Needham due to employment. He’s worked in the Halifax area for the past four years.

“I love the North End,” he said. “It’s truly diverse there. There’s people form all over, all political backgrounds and small businesses. It’s an enjoyable place to live.”

The 22-year-old spoke of what needs to be done to turn Halifax-Needham Tory blue.

“It’s been under NDP representation for 23 years and hasn’t been PC for almost 40 years,” he said. “It’s going to be an uphill battle. I am one of the most Progressive candidates that’s been in the area for some time, with one of the most progressive platforms.”

Ellis’ platforms covers issues around LGBTQ; racial equality; youth voting and making sure their voices are heard; seniors; mental health; climate change; and more. His full platform can be viewed and more on his website at: https://www.scottellis4mla.com/.

He said everyone needs a voice—and he feels he can do that if given an opportunity after the next provincial election.

“The only way for everyone to have a voice is if you address the issues that matter to everyone, no matter how big or small they are,” Ellis said. ‘I want to be that voice for everyone. I think I have a good way of understanding people from different political backgrounds.

“I think I’d be able to see all sides of the spectrum and listen. I know I’m not going to win everyone over, that’s just reality. One thing that I can promise to do is sit-down and listen to everyone no matter their ideas or issues.

“I think I can at least make everyone feel like they’ve been heard, which I don’t think they are now.”