FIRST PERSON: Pat does ‘hot’ yoga in support of Camp Courage

Pat does one of the yoga stretches during the fundraiser. (Healey photo)

Fundraiser, held at Strides and organized by Emily Robinson, raises $400

ELMSDALE: A unique yoga fundraiser took place on Feb. 1 at Strides in Elmsdale, organized by Emily Robinson, a volunteer firefighter with Elmsdale.

I’m friends with Emily so I asked if I could take part in the ‘hot’ yoga fundraiser she was putting on in support of Camp Courage. The yoga would see participants do yoga while wearing firefighter bunker gear, making it all the more fun and interesting. Or in the case of some, more difficult to do an already difficult thing.

Camp Courage introduces young women to careers as first responders, whether that’s as a paramedic; firefighter; or police officer. The camp provides information, education, and opportunities to experience the physical demands of these roles. It is offered once every two years; it will occur this summer and in 2021.

VIDEO: Pat takes part in hot yoga for Camp Courage

Some of the people who took part in ‘hot’ yoga at Strides Health & Fitness in Elmsdale while wearing bunker gear in support of Camp Courage. The event raised $400 for the cause. (Healey photo)

We all arrive at Strides and then got to try on bunker gear to see what fit us. That was managed by Trish Pittman, a volunteer firefighter in Enfield. The bunker gear we all wore were used by Camp Courage.

After getting that on, we headed into the yoga room—which had just been used by those with Mambec—and grabbed a yoga mat. Each of us setup where we felt was a good spot for us.

It was then time to begin the hour long yoga workout.

Led by Emily, we did a variety of yoga moves. Some of them were the fire hydrant; the cat in the tree (which seemed to be a favourite of a few of us); and of course, flames. There was also a routine that Emily called Ambulance driver. I think it was named that because of a well-known paramedic.

VIDEO: Getting it started

I had to leave early so I could catch the Jr Penguins game. I left with a good sweat on (I was soaked) and headed for the cold hockey rink.

Overall, everyone seemed to have a great night and are looking forward to another fun night in the future. It raised $400 for Camp Courage.

Emily wished to thank all those who participated as well as Strides for the use of the room for the fundraiser.

How do I know it was a good workout? I am still feeling the good hurt a few days later.