From the Cruiser – Nov. 12 to Nov. 19

An RCMP cruiser at headquarters in Dartmouth. (Healey photo)

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ENFIELD: East Hants RCMP responded to just shy of 100 calls for service between Nov. 12 and Nov. 19 throughout the region.

On Nov. 12, RCMP officers responded to a report of a single-vehicle collision on the South Rawdon Range Road, near Hillsvale.

The driver, who was suspected of being impaired, had fled the scene on foot initially before police arrived. However, he returned to face the music, said S/Sgt. Cory Bushell.

After providing samples of his breath, the 33-year-old man was charged with impaired driving.

Officers received a report of a suspicious man in the Shubenacadie area on Nov. 12. Police were told by the complainant that a man they did not know was banging on the door of their residence. The incident was taking place after 9 p.m.

An immediate patrol was made and an intoxicated 50-year-old man from Shubenacadie was located nearby. After determining there was no criminal intent, the man was taken home.

RCMP received a report that an unidentified vehicle had struck and broke the dug well at a Belnan residence on Nov. 15. The vehicle left the scene.

Police are continuing in their efforts to locate and identify the culprit.

East Hants RCMP are asking anyone with information on this matter to call the Enfield RCMP detachment at 902-883-7077.

Police continue to investigate the theft of approximately $70 worth of deer apples Nov. 14 from a property in Rines Creek, near Shubenacadie. The complainant said their trail came detected the theft.

It remains under investigation.

On Nov. 16, RCMP officers responded to damage to the traffic lights at the Hwy 2 and Hwy 214 intersection in Elmsdale.

The light pole was taken out by a transport truck as it made a wide turn onto Hwy 2 at the intersection.

While it poured rain, members from East Hants RCMP directed traffic at the scene until it was made safe and regular traffic, non-delayed resumed.

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