Kings-Hants: Mark Parent, Conservative candidate

CPC candidate Mark Parent on his e-bike in Enfield. (Healey photo)

Information as provided by the Mark Parent campaign team

Mark Parent is your Conservative Candidate for the riding of Kings-Hants.  Mark grew up in Bolivia, moving back to Canada with his adoptive parents when he was 17.

“I’m doing this for my grandchildren,” says the academic, clergy, author, and former MLA for Kings North. “I feel a growing divisiveness and unrest in our country. We need to preserve what makes Canada unique and special, being able to work together with all our diversities and challenges, so that our children and future generations will have a strong foundation to build on. Without change, I see further erosion of the essence of Canada and what it is to be Canadian”.

“Erin O’Toole and I believe in a welcoming Canada. We believe a Prime Minister must represent all Canadians regardless of age, religion, colour, background, gender, or sexual orientation, and that Canada must be a country where anyone can live a normal, fulfilling, and prosperous life.”

Mark has served in many roles, both within government and outside. Mark was first elected in Kings North as a Progressive Conservative MLA in 1999. He was re-elected in 2003 and 2006. Mark served as Minister in the Agriculture and Environment and Labour portfolios.

Mark has been a champion of the Environment. As Minister of the Environment, Mark was instrumental in passing the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act. It was a trend-setting piece of legislation among the first in Canada to marry concern for the well being of the Environment with concern for the growth of the economy. It has sparked similar acts across Canada.

Holding a Ph. D, he has also served in academic settings, including Mount St. Vincent and Mount Allison universities.   

Among his many community engagements and service, Mark has been active in the Canning Lions Club. He was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship by Rotary International.

Mark resides in Pereau with his spouse Margie Jenkins. Together they have 5 children and 6 grandchildren.

With COVID-19 restrictions, Mark will not be able to reach every door. He would like to hear from you and can be reached by phone and email. Mark would be honoured if you would place your trust in him as your elected Member of Parliament for Kings-Hants.

How to contact Mark:



Phone: (844) 287-5451

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