LHS hockey hosts Wishmaker game

Brayden MacNeill fist-pumps a Lockview High Dragons boys hockey player as he heads out onto the Sackville Arena ice for the start of their Jan. 15 game against the J.L. Isley Judges. (Healey photo)

LOWER SACKVILLE: The Lockview High boys hockey team hosted J.L. Isley in their annual Children’s Wish Wishmaker game on Jan. 15 at the Sackville Arena.

All proceeds from the game go to Children’s Wish N.S.

Lockview High captain Jack Meek and the captain of the J.L. Isley Judges take the ceremonial puck drop from Brayden MacNeill of Eastern Passage, the Wishmaker kid. The game was played at Sackville Arena on Jan. 15. (Healey photo)

The game saw Wishmaker kid Brayden MacNeill get to hang out with the Dragons, fist pump them as they headed out on the ice, sit with teammates from his Dartmouth Whalers team; and even drop the ceremonial puck before the game.

It was a great night for all involved, but especially MacNeill, whose family calls Eastern Passage home.

The goalie gives a blocker tap to Brayden after coming off from warmup. (Healey photo)