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LOWER SACKVILLE: The Fall River & Area Lions Club are giving back to the community and helping those who may need necessary equipment in the COVID19 world.

Recently, Lion Steve Sinnott and King Lion Kirk Stephen stopped over to the Cobequid Health Centre Foundation where they presented a cheque to purchase two pulse oximeters for the Emergency Department.

The oximeters are frequently used items by those in the healthcare field.

Pulse oximeters are devices that can measure the heart rate per minute and the oxygen level in the blood easily and quickly. It is a small medical device that clips painlessly onto the end of your finger.

It is used to determine the oxygen rate by using the light passing through the tissue. Pulse oximeters work by color analysis according to whether the hemoglobin in the red blood cells absorbs oxygen or not.

Sensors use the color of the blood to detect the oxygen rate. The color tone of the blood changes depending on the oxygen carrying amount of the red blood cells. The device sends red and infrared light on one side and provides measurement thanks to the sensor on the other side.

Oxygenated blood is bright red in color and absorbs most of the light sent from the pulse oximeter. Thanks to the measurement of the amount of light reaching the opposite side, the oxygen saturation in the blood is determined.