More lots being added to Oakfield development

Councillor Steve Streatch reads the motion for NWCC to vote on the amendment for the development on Coulter Cres. in Oakfield on June 10. (Healey photo)

OAKFIELD: A development that has been in the works since 2007 was back before North West Community Council on June 10, seeking an amendment to add an additional 23 properties to it’s already approved 88.

The development off Coulter Crescent on Frenchmans Road in Oakfield is being built by Sawgrass Developments. It was the lone public hearing at the June 10 NWCC meeting, held at the Grand Lake-Oakfield Communtiy Centre. There were about 15 people in attendance.

At the meeting, the main concerns from residents surrounded the impact more homes nearby will have on their water level and wells, some of which have already dried up this year and last summer; along with one resident who’s home will now be next to a public walk way that will serve as a road for first responders only should they need to utilize it for that.

Some of the councillors with NWCC at the meeting in Grand Lake. (Healey photo)

In 2007, under different development agreements than what today has, 88 lots were approved—58 have been to date. The proposed amendment is looking at re-configuring 29.2 hectares—or 72 acres—of undeveloped lands within the existing agreement which includes 30 single-detached lots.

It is also calling for an addition 23.8 hectares, or 60 acres of new lands where the additional 23 lots will be constructed. This would up the number of lots from 88 to 111 overall.

One man said that he only recently moved into his home in the subdivision. He told the councillors he may not have bought the house if he knew all about the project.

“If I knew this was happening, I would not have bought the house in all honesty,” said the man.

Councillor Steve Craig speaks. (Healey photo)

Councillors also echoed their concerns with the project, worried it may create a replica of the Monarch-Rivendale (Beaver Bank) situation, with regards to wells drying up as more development goes in. It seemed they got the answers they wanted from the developer to satisfy them this would not happen.

Two of their concerns centered around the process used by N.S. Environment for rural HRM developments in determining impact on well water, and the fact there does not appear to be any recreation as part of the development.

Councillor Steve Streatch, along with residents, will look into making this become a reality.

After an hour-long discussion on the amendment, the motion to approve was put on the floor. It passed unanimously.