STEWIACKE: A fresh face will be at the helm of the Town of Stewiacke as it—like other municipalities across the province—recovers from the COVID19 pandemic.

George Lloy has been “unofficially” elected as the new mayor with 378 votes defeating Wendy Robinson. She had garnered 234 votes.

Councillors who earned election included: Roseanne Chapman (457 votes); Susan Creelman (444 votes); Rebecca Rogers-Laing (413 votes); Susan Lutz (394 votes); Mary Commo (383 votes); and Chad Ramsey with 347 votes.

Candidates who ran but did not garner enough votes included: David LeBlanc with 254 votes; Audrey Armsworthy at 231 ballots cast in her name; and Theresa Rafuse with 216 votes.