MAIN PHOTO: Colton Noble in Victory Lane at Speedway 660. (Healey photo)

GEARY, N.B.:Two race car drivers from the Nine Mile River area saw their fortunes change on day three of Speed Weekend at Speedway 660 in Geary, just outside of Fredericton, on Sept. 6.

Dave Matthews finished in second place, behind the no. 51 of Jesse Deveau on Sept. 6, while Colton Noble sped his way to a win in the TCM Bando Blast 2 feature race. Danny Chisholm was the overall TCM Bando Blast champion based on points.

A night before, Matthews’ second place salvaged a weekend where he rebounded from a ninth-place finish on Sept. 6. He led and only fell down the standings after being sent to the back of the field after jumping a start to 67 Cody Byrne from P.E.I. He managed to go from the rear of the field to ninth in five laps.

“We had the tires for the field this time,” said Matthews, who pilots the no. 99. “Jesse is a great driver. It was good racing.”

Dave Matthews was looking for a victory at Speedway 660, but came home second in the Sunday feature race. (Healey photo)


Matthews and Deveau were the only two to finish on the lead lap in the race.

Mini Stock 50 – Saturday

1st – #67 Cody Byrne
2nd – #51 Jesse Deveau
3rd – #86 Matthew Ford
4th – #89 Mike Edwards
5th – #69 BJ Gillespie
6th – #33 Trevor Smith
7th – #92 Randy Storey
8th – #46 Ryan McKnight
9th – #99 Dave Matthews
10th – #66 Chris Garnett
11th – #01 Nick Brun
12th – #47 Jordan LeClair
13th – #71 Neil Miousse
14th – #0 Rob Poirier
15th –  #61 Frankie Harnish
16th – #75 Randy Titus
17th – #41 Maggie Suttie
18th – #13 Austin Harnish
19th – #8 Mike Weagle
20th – #89x Conrad Murphy
21st – #87 Shane Cudmore
22nd – #46 Jessie LeClair
23rd – #9 Matt Martin
24th – #82 Brian Maillet
25th – #71 Bryan Suttie
26th – #71 David Lyons
27th – #15 Roger Slocum

Heat Winners: BJ Gillespie, Cody Byrne, Jesse Deveau

Jesse Deveau won the Sunday feature for mini stock. (Healey photo)

Mini Stock “Outlaw” 50 – Sunday

1st – #51 Jesse Deveau
2nd – #99 Dave Matthews
3rd – #67 Cody Byrne
4th – #86 Matthew Ford
5th – #33 Trevor Smith
6th – #46 Ryan McKnight
7th – #69 BJ Gillespie
8th – #92 Randy Storey
9th – #13 Austin Harnish
10th – #41 Maggie Suttie
11th – #3 Charles Cyr
12th – #16 Jesse Madore
13th -#66 Chris Garnett
14th – #61 Frankie Harnish
15th – #47 Jordan LeClair
16th – #71 Neil Miousse
17th – #9 Matt Martin

Heat Winners: BJ Gillespie, Jesse Deveau, Matthew Ford.

Colton Noble of Nine Mile River crosses the finish line first in the TCM Bando Blast 2 at Speedway 660. (Healey photo)

Meanwhile, Noble in the no. 03 Eric Noble Trucking Bando overcame a blown engine in the feature just 20 hours earlier, on a day he was close to besting Cory Hall’s track record.

He rebounded by getting out to the lead and not looking back. Well, except when there was a late race caution, that’s about the only time he had any second thoughts.

“After having motor troubles and everything else that has happened this weekend,” said Noble, “It feels good to put the car back into Victory Lane.”

Tim Terry interviews Colton Noble after his feature race win. (Healey photo)

He spoke about the late race caution that allowed Danny Chisholm a shot to win it all.

“I was just hoping I had a little more left than that 87 car,” said Noble. “I didn’t need the caution, but it cooled the tired right down and I got a good restart.”

Other local racers, including Ayden Christensen of Windsor Junction; Dawson Noble of Nine Mile River; and Kennetcook’s Nate Singer also competed. The full official results are expected to be released later this week.

Most of the Bandolero drivers who competed also do so at Scotia Speedworld on a regular basis.

Ayden Christensen pulls ahead of the 28 of Will Murphy in bando racing at Speedway 660. (Healey photo)
Nate Singer tries to hold off the 87 of Danny Chisholm. (Healey photo)

Here are their results from the weekend:

PositionSaturday FeatureSunday FeatureEvent Finish (Average Finish)
1st#0 Tanton Wooldridge#03 Colton Noble#87 Danny Chisholm (2)
2nd#87 Danny Chisholm#87 Danny Chisholm#0 Tanton Wooldridge (4.5)
3rd#24 Ayden Christensen#28 Will Murphy#22 Brooke Dowe (4.5)
4th#22 Brooke Dowe#71 Chase MacKay#71 Chase Mackay (4.5)
5th#71 Chase MacKay#22 Brooke Dowe#28 Will Murphy (5)
6th#39 Chase Livingston#39 Chase Livingston#24 Ayden Christensen (6)
7th#28 Will Murphy#14 Samantha MacDonald#39 Chase Livingston (6)
8th#14 Samantha MacDonald#0 Tanton Wooldridge#03 Colton Noble (7.5)
9th#13 Rory Coates#24 Ayden Christensen#14 Samantha MacDonald (7.5)
10th#81 Nate Singer#13 Rory Coates#13 Rory Coates (9.5)
11th#13X Aiden MacDonald#81 Nate Singer#81 Nate Singer (10.5)
12th#23 Teagan Dempsey#8 Dawson Noble#13x Aiden MacDonald (12)
13th#8 Dawson Noble#13x Aiden MacDonald#8 Dawson Noble (12.5)
14th#03 Colton Noble#23 Teagan Dempsey#23 Teagan Dempsey (13)
Heats WinnersColton Noble and Danny ChisholmTanton Wooldridge and Danny Chisholm 
Speedweekend race 2 for Bando drivers Ayden Christenson and Dawson Noble didn’t end the way they had hoped. Both were involved in a wreck not of their own doing involving about four or five cars. (Healey photo)