SPC: Jenna Chisholm, NDP candidate

Information from Jenna Chisholm’s Facebook page

I am running as the federal NDP candidate for Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook because I know that we need and DESERVE better representation.

For those who don’t know me, I have always had a passion for politics but more importantly for the New Democratic Party. For many, their first tattoo is something they regret… but for me my first tattoo is the most meaningful and one I still live by every day. “Love is better than anger, Hope is better than fear, Optimism is better than despair”-Jack Layton.

Jack sparked my love for politics and my hope for a better future for myself, my family and my friends. When I attended Millwood High, I did my co-op placement with Mat Whynott who was the youngest MLA elected in Nova Scotia.

It was amazing to see someone so young doing so many amazing things for our community and our province. I learned so much from Mat-from attending meetings, observing legislature and learning more about the NDP. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without him and that experience.

As a young, Mi’kmaw, woman I have always had a passion for advocacy and being a voice for those who don’t have one and my hope is that I can do that for the constituents of Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook.

My entire life has been guided by the seven grandfather teachings bravery, respect, humility, truth, honesty, wisdom and love. That is how I will guide my campaign and how I vow to represent all of you, if elected.

I couldn’t be happier to announce my candidacy and I look forward to talking, meeting and making change with all you beautiful people.

Paqsitpi wela’liek(thank you all so much)

How to contact Jenna:

Email: jenna.chisholm@ndp.ca

Website: https://www.jennachisholm.ndp.ca/

Phone: (902) 593-0845

Social Media:

Twitter: @jennapchisholm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jennachisholmndp/

Instagram: @jennapchisholm