Streatch echoes residents’ concerns over proposed developments

Councillor Steve Streatch said Fall River residents should expect their city water bills later this fall. (Healey photo)

WINDSOR JUNCTION: The number of proposed development applications on the books for the Fall River area and Windsor Junction is not only a concern for residents, but also of the local councillor.

Steve Streatch, who announced Aug 4 that he would be reoffering for the position for the Oct. 17 municipal election, said the growing area continues to do so, but he thinks council must look at a patient approach.

“I share the residents concerns with the number of applications submitted to HRM over the past number of months,” he said.

There are no less than four at least proposed developments being targeted for the Capilano/Windgate; Ingram Drive; Charleswood subdivision regions, which would add hundreds of homes and vehicles to an already busy road.

“Whether it be the proposal on Ingram Drive; the one over into Councillor Blackburn’s area, Capilano, Charleswood, all of those have created concern in the community,” he said.

“It is clear as we move through the process and public meetings are required or public hearings are required, those can’t happen in a community as dynamic as Fall River online virtually.

“I have asked our staff to delay until such time that we can meet in person those meetings. That way we can hear their concerns and make solid decisions based on law, but also on the wishes of the community.”

Streatch said HRM needs to take a slow-and-steady approach to development in the area.

“Until such time as our infrastructure catches up, and we can provide the supporting services, highway connections, water, etc., I think we have to be cautious about the number of applications that council approves for this area.”