VIDEO: Reporter Pat Healey gets his COVID19 vaccine shot

WAVERLEY: On May 5, The Laker News’ Pat Healey had his appointment to get his first does of the Astrazeneca Vaccine from the Fall River Guardian during their clinic they held at the Waverley Legion (in the special functions room).

It was an easy registration process, just say who you were and you were checked off and then asked to wait in a chair, one of several, all of which were socially distance. When it was your turn, you went with the pharmacist and then got ready to get the vaccine.

It was all over in a few quick seconds. In my case, Mike Wyman from the Guardian was who gave me the vaccine.

Once done, it was to chairs at the back of the room to wait for 15 minutes to ensure no reaction. As I waited the 10 or so chairs–again all socially distanced–quickly filled, as others who registered came and had got their vaccine shot too.

The best part was leaving as you played a game of follow the arrows on the floor, something we’ve become accustomed to over the past 14 months, that led to you to the exit. One side was for entrance.

Now, I have had minimal side effects so far (as of 12:13 a.m. May 6,) headache, feeling sick to my stomach, and some shivers, but a quick nap and thins subsided.

Going in I had heard many of the negatives to getting the AZ shot, but seeing what the variants have done with our rise in cases and wanting to protect my fellow residents solidified my decision.

I knew I wanted to get the first vaccine available to me, and I did that.

Nova Scotians, if you wish to get a vaccine–and it’s your choice–please do when one becomes open for your age cohort.

Together, we got this.