Beaver Bank teen Riley Chisholm releases debut single Nov. 29

BEAVER BANK: Riley Chisholm says he owes most if not all of his success in getting his debut single released to a well known Halifax figure.

Chisholm, a Lockview High student who hails from Beaver Bank, said getting to the point of having “Right Hand Side” released on Nov. 29 all began with a call from Quentrel Provo, also better known as “Mr Stop the Violence” in Halifax. Provo saw him perform and knew he could work with Chisholm.

“He said he wanted to meet with me and got me singing lessons,” said Chisholm, sitting inside the Tim Hortons on Beaver Bank Road. “He taught me as much as he could. One day I got a message from him about the IPOP audition.”

He went to that audition, and then train with an agency in Halifax. Chisholm was picked to go to IPOP out of 500 people.

“I went to IPOP, and won four awards for singing, acting, and modelling,” said Chisholm.

That success led to 23 callbacks—most people at these competitions get two or three, Chisholm and his family were told.

“We went to Toronto and I met with TM Management and Roy Hamilton III who was my producer,” he said. “We made three songs and now it’s time to release the first one.”

There is a video planned for the first single, however it won’t be released until likely next year after its filmed in Toronto.

Chisholm said he wasn’t expecting all the success he has had to date.

“Coming from such a small place like here, in Beaver Bank, I think it’s pretty amazing,” he said. “It really came out of nowhere. I can’t thank Quentrel enough because I wouldn’t be here without him. It’s been a phenomenal experience.”

Where did Chisholm get the inspiration to write “Right Hand Side?

“It’s just something I have in my head and I can manipulate it into lyrics,” he said. “A lot of times I write about how I feel and life experiences. This song just came to me one day and I went with that.”

“Right Hand Side” will be available Nov. 29 at: Spotify; Apple Music; iTunes; TikTok; iHeartRadio; Kkbox; Amazon; and many other music networks.