Kings-Hants Liberal MP Kody Blois recently stopped by Lynn Lapthorne's in Lantz to pick up a copy of her first-ever published book, 'Never Again.' (Submitted photo)

LANTZ:  An author from Lantz has had a poem she was inspired to write because of the COVID19 pandemic made into a book, which was published locally in East Hants.

Lynn Lapthorne penned ‘Never Again’ a poem she wrote because of the need for all of us to stay away from everyone we hold dear during COVID19. It was published by Once Upon Tyne Publishing in Milford.

“I was literally walking around the house vowing to my husband, “never again will I take for granted being able to hug and kiss our kids,’” said Lapthorne in an email interview.

‘Never Again’ moves with us as we watch our lives change drastically with social distancing and realizing everything, we’re so grateful for; to watching our communities, and the world, come together to help us through the COVID19 pandemic. Finally acknowledging the Angels in healthcare who we’ll never forget and frontline workers in all aspects of society.

“We are forever indebted to all these heroes,” she said. “This book is dedicated to all front-line people.”

The book has received positive feedback from quite a few who have purchased it already.

Those who are interested in purchasing ‘Never Again’ can do so by emailing Lapthorne at or checking out her Facebook page “Lynn Lapthorne Writer’s Corner.”

Lapthorne said she’s excited to have her first book published.

“I’ve had poetry published in various papers, but to hold a book of my own in my hand, it’s a totally different feeling of accomplishment and pride,” said Lapthorne.

She said the COVID19 shutdown has been hard on everyone in many ways.

“It drains you emotionally to not see your children, grandchildren, parents and friends,” she said. “It made me look at what can be taken away so easily and the things I’ll change from here on out.”

Lapthorne said the most important thing is she wanted to share her thoughts about COVID19 with others so they wouldn’t feel so alone. She decided to donate a portion of each book sold to the East Hants Family Resource Centre in Elmsdale.

“They do wonderful work in the community, even during this crisis, and due to COVDI19, their Mother’s Day Tea was cancelled,” she said. “What better place to donate than somewhere affected by Covid 19?”