Fall River’s Cowan commits to Williston State College

Shane Cowan. (Submitted photo)

MISSISSAUGA, ONT.: A Fall River baseball player has announced where he will play ball at the college level.

Shane Cowan, a catcher, has announced he has committed to further his academic and blossoming baseball career at Williston State College. They are part of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). Williston State is located in Williston, ND.

Cowan was the first Nova Scotia player to join the Ontario Blue Jays program, which has since opened the door to other Eastern Canadian players to join the Jays program.

He joined the team in May 2021 as they ventured to Florida for some game action, where they stayed for three months. They played in four tournaments, winning one of them. The tournaments were in and around Georgia and Florida. They played the best competition at the biggest high school tournament with more than 500 teams taking part in Atlanta, Ga.

The journey to Georgia and Florida did mean he didn’t get to attend his prom and graduation.

“That kind of suck but I was in Florida playing ball so I can’t complain,” said Cowan.

Cowan spoke about how him committing to Williston State came about.

“The coach watched one of my recruiting videos, I checked out the school and it looked pretty nice,” he said. “I reached out to them. We had a good conversation and dialogue between the two of us, and then he offered me a spot on the team.”

The Fall River product will join a strong Tetons team who currently sits atop the Mon-Dak Conference.

Cowan heads to North Dakota with a chance to jump right in behind the plate for Williston State.

He will become the first Ontario Blue Jays player to attend Williston State College.

Cowan is excited about the opportunity to get the chance to play and show what he has.

“It’s a dream come true,” he said. “All this hard work over the past five years has finally paid off.

“Now I can work towards my next goals, have my two years at Williston and hopefully transfer to a four year NCAA Division 1 school after my two years there.”

He wanted to give thanks to his friends, coaches, and parents for getting him to where he is.

“I made a lot of changes in my game, changed position to catcher a couple years ago, but all that hard work has paid off,” said Cowan.