A police officer walks back to her cruiser after placing out cones. (Healey photo)

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EAST HANTS: RCMP officers were kept busy with a slew of incidents throughout the Municipality during the past week.

Here are some of the notable offences that took place between Sept. 8-15.

In the early hours of September 13, members of East Hants RCMP observed a vehicle with one headlight burned out near Rawdon Gold Mines.

As police pulled around, the vehicle took off and turned into an abandoned driveway in an attempt to avoid police. 

The driver, who exhibited signs of intoxication was taken to the Detachment and where sample of breath were taken. The driver failed and was subsequently charged with impaired driving.

With school underway, members of the East Hants District RCMP are busy patrolling school zones in an effort to remind motorists that children are present and school zone driving laws are in effect.

Please remember, when children are present, the speed limit is 30 km/h in areas where the approaching limit is 50 km/h.

Alternatively, where the speed limit is higher than 50 km/h, drivers are required to reduce speed to a maximum of 50 km/h when children are present.

In an effort to ensure the health and safety of the residents of East Hants, members are being routinely tasked with conducting self-isolation compliance checks. 

People travelling from outside the Atlantic bubble are required to self isolate for 14 days.  Those who fail to comply risk spreading the infection and may face a penalty of up to $1,000 for a first offence, or up to $10,000 and/ or imprisonment of up to one year for subsequent offences.

On September 12, members conducting a checkpoint near Rawdon discovered a prohibited driver.  The driver was subsequently charged.

  • Information in the Cruiser column is provided by S/Sgt. Cory Bushell.

This week’s From the Cruiser is brought to you by: