From the Firehouse. (Healey photo)

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INDIAN BROOK: Here is a look at how many calls are local volunteer fire departments responded to in the month of September.

The call numbers and info are provided to The Laker News by fire departments in Indian Brook; Milford Fire; Rawdon fire; Shubenacadie Fire; Enfield Fire; Lantz Fire; Mount Uniacke Fire; Elmsdale Fire; Kennetcook Fire; Stewiacke Fire; and Nine Mile River fire.

Indian Brook fire responded to seven calls in the month, led by three mutual aid requests to neighbouring departments. They also responded to one commercial fire alarm (false alarm); one motor vehicle collision with injuries; one residential fire alarm (false alarm); and one garbage/debris fire.

Milford Fire had eight calls, with three of those being in their own district. They also had five mutual aid calls, two to Shubenacadie, and one to each of Stewiacke, Elmsdale, and Indian Brook.

Their call break down is mutual aid to Shubie for a commercial alarm on Sept. 2; ,mutual aid for a structure fire in Elmsdale on Sept. 3; on Sept. 7 they were called for a structure fire in Stewiacke; they responded mutual aid to Indian Brook on Sept. 9 for an MVC.

On Sept. 10, Milford responded to a residential fire alarm in Milford; attended an MVC on Hwy 2 in Shubenacadie on a mutual aid call on Sept. 15; responded to a MVC on Hwy 102 in Milford on Sept. 29; and responded to a commercial fire alarm on Sept. 24 in Milford.

Rawdon fire had two calls in September, both were mutual aid requests to Gore Fire.

Kennetcook Fire had no calls for the month of September.

For Shubenacadie fire, they responded to nine calls, led by four fire alarm activations. They also had one motor vehicle collision on Hwy 102; two mutual aid requests for mvc’s; one rubbish call; and one fuel fire.

Lantz fire had seven calls between local and mutual aid requests. This consisted of two MVC’s; two fire alarms; two structure fires; and one brush fire.

For Elmsdale Fire, they had seven calls with two fire alarm activations leading the tally. They had one vehicle fire; one investigation call; and one structure fire call.

Stewiacke Fire responded to seven calls, including three motor vehicle collisions and two fire alarm activations. They also had one debris fire and one structure fire where there was loss of two dogs and possibly a cat.

For Nine Mile River fire they had four calls, responding to one each of a fire alarm; a mutual aid request; a car fire; and an MVC.

Enfield Fire had nine calls in the month of September, led by four motor vehicle collisions. They also had two alarm activations; one other call; one mutual aid request; and one brush fire.

Uniacke & District Fire attended to 10 calls over the 30 days of September, with that tally led by three fire alarm activations. They also were paged for two motor vehicle collisions; two mutual aid requests; one car fire; one brush fire; and one other call.

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