New Aerotech wastewater facility has plenty of benefits

MLA Bill Horne and Nicole Deveau, who was his assistant for this event, listen in to an explanation about Halifax Water’s new Aerotech wastewater facility. (Healey photo)

ENFIELD: A new wastewater facility built in the Aerotech Business Park that is highly advance will help balance economic growth and the protection of the environment, said many of the speakers at it’s official opening on July 24.

With MLA Bill Horne; Halifax Water board chairwoman Darlene Fenton; General Manager Cathie O’Toole; and HRM Mayor Mike Sabage among the dignitaries on hand, the $21 million expanded Wastewater Treatment Facility at the end of Aerotech Drive was officially opened.

The $21 million Aerotech WWTF project was cost-shared by the federal and provincial governments and Halifax Water ratepayers, with each contributing $7 million. The Aerotech WWTF is Halifax Water’s most technically advanced wastewater treatment facility.

Halifax Water General Manager Cathie O’Toole speaks. (Healey photo)

Central Nova MP Sean Fraser, spoke of having the facility in his area and what it means for the area.

“Reliable, long-term wastewater infrastructure is key to supporting dynamic, healthy communities while creating good, middle-class jobs,” said Fraser in a release. “The improved Aerotech Wastewater Treatment Facility means the airport and business park will have wastewater treatment that supports increased commercial and industrial development, and better protects the environment.”

Halifax Water Board Chair Darlene Fenton said balancing economic growth and job creation with protection of the environment go hand in hand.

“The Aerotech facility balances those needs with technology that is on the leading edge of wastewater treatment and environmental protection, while providing capacity for future growth,” Fenton said.

Mayor Mike Savage spoke of the benefit such a piece of infrastructure on Halifax Stanfield Airport and the business park itself. (Healey photo)

MLA Horne, who was among the handful of people at the press conference to take in a tour following the event, said the upgraded facility helps ensure the environment is protected.

“Municipal infrastructure is critical to the health and safety of Nova Scotians, and to economic development in our communities,” said Horne.

Mayor Savage spoke of the benefit such a piece of infrastructure on Halifax Stanfield Airport and the business park itself.

“With this critical piece of wastewater infrastructure in place, the path is clear for the airport and business park to continue to grow and further contribute to the local economy,” said Savage.